How Art Therapy Helps You Recover

What can art therapy do to help me get over drug addiction?

Art therapy has only been used officially as part of drug rehab for around 50 years. The British artist Adrian Hill coined the term art therapy as early as 1942. He discovered the very positive psychological effects of drawing and painting on both patients with mental disorders and those struggling with drug abuse. He saw that the act of doing art “engrossed the whole mind, releasing creative energy that inhibited the patient.” Art therapy has since been used with both children and adults as a very effective supplement to a variety of treatments.

Studies have shown that the act of doing art has very positive effects on brain chemistry. And that is what drug rehab is all about: banishing the substances that have taken over your mind and replacing them with positive, healthy, creative building blocks. Imagine having an art therapist working with you to help you find your creative center. Your rehab doesn’t have to be only support group meetings and talking things out. Creative expression is essential to a healthy mind.

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