Lets Get Started

 A completely confidential phone call is the first step toward a better life for yourself or a loved one suffering from addiction. When you contact Ascend, you are immediately welcomed into a community of people who are dedicated to helping others live their fullest lives. We encourage you to reach out to us to find out how Ascend’s recovery program can help you.

Our detailed admissions process allows us to determine which of our addiction recovery programs may be right for an individual, and in turn, allows clients to determine whether Ascend is the right choice for them. Before you commit to treatment, we will be there to offer support, information, and empathy throughout our comprehensive evaluation.

One Phone Call is All it Takes

Most Insurances Accepted

Ascend Recovery Centers was founded on the premise of providing superior addiction treatment, delivered by a team of expert professionals, in the comfort of a world-class facility local to you – so you can build a foundation for lasting recovery close to home.

Admissions In Three Easy Steps

Tell us Your Story

This is your opportunity to tell us your story and what has brought you to the point of picking up the phone.  Many of our staff are in recovery , so they can truly empathize with what you are going through. 

Complete Pre-Screening

During your pre-screening, your coordinator will develop an understanding of your clinical needs and the logistics involved with helping you attend treatment. You will be asked questions regarding your mental state, physical limitations, and any medical preconditions you may have. At this time, you will also discuss payment by insurance or another method.

Receive Personalized Treatment

Based on your individual circumstances and clinical needs, your coordinator will provide you a determination of which facility is the best option for you. Our promise includes that if we are unable to serve you, we will work with you on referrals to the most appropriate types of care that meet your needs. You will review it together and the coordinator will answer any questions you might have.

Request a Confidential Callback 24/7

What to Bring to Treatment

Your coordinator will work with you to take the stress out of preparing for treatment. This includes determining what to pack and what to leave behind when you come to treatment. Below is a suggested list of items to bring to treatment:

When you arrive at Ascend, we’ll go through your luggage with you to ensure that all of your personal items are appropriate. Any items deemed potentially harmful or inappropriate can be sent home with a family member or stored and returned to you upon discharge.